drapeau francais situation prieure du luc PRIEURE  DU  LUC           GITE  DE  CHARME  CAMPESTRE   GARD   CAUSSES  AIGOUAL  CEVENNES       Francoise du LUC DISPONIBILITIES

The causse of Campestre and LUC is a satellite of causse of Larzac.Une deep valley dug by the river Virenque, which runs most of the time under ground, separates these two area of the same geological time.The diffent causses are currently gathered in a park régional.. They are vastnesses of 700.m where the traditional cereal crops are accompanied by breeding of sheep and cow.

If the causse is synonymous with moor, the land of the Luc is  wooded because the owners always took care of their trees

The great extents which surround the property,  hide a very rich flora: orchids, lilies martagon, irises, asphodels abound for the pleasure of the hiker. Fauna is the same: multitude of small birds, small and large raptors like the circaete , , and recently reintroduced  the vulture; the owl will awake you by  its  cries,  like the people mouse if you left the light enlightened

On the ground you will often cross wild boars, roe-deers and with a little chance a hare

The wildfowl is also omnipresent on this area :

long pitchfork, badger, fox and splendid the genette ( a wild car )

rivière moutons décorés barrage campestre village