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The Causse name corresponds to immense limestone plate formed by the sediments of a sea of the secondary, then elevated with 800m. It is an almost flat country, hardly undulating, almost occupied by the moor. It was not the same with the whole beginning of the Middle Ages or the beeches and the oaks occupied all the territory,
but the glassmakers used much of it; goats continued this work of sap

With the Middle Ages also, Templiers had almost all causse of Larzac and its satellites. You will appreciate the visit of the principal sites : Holy Eulalie de Cernon, Couvertoirade, Holy Jean d' Alcas.

The area is primarily agricultural, as from time immemorial. The winter the climate is hard when the winds blow stopped by any barrier. On the other hand, in summer, the nights are always fresh.

Another characteristic of the region abrupt ruptures of level. It is not rare to be found suddenly at the edge of a circus or of a valley whose bottom is 500 metres. Impressing! For example the circus of Navacelle and gorges of the Tarn.

You will be able fully to appreciate the very particular atmosphere which emerges from this ground through G.R. very well announced.